How to File Your Taxes in Longmont

While there are many free online tools and programs that offer tax advice or information for filing, most are very complicated, stressful and confusing to use. Filing taxes using online software can result in errors and subsequent audits. At A.F. Gebauer and Company, we’re here to help answer all your tax related questions and make the process of filing your taxes stress-free.

Common Mistakes Made When Filing Your Own Taxes:

1.) Math Matters
We often find that when people file their own taxes in April, they fail to compute things correctly. The IRS will look for discrepancies and incorrect math entries can lead to having to having the IRS refigure your taxes for you.

2.) Additional Income
If you worked part-time, took on side gigs or did any contracting work, you’ll have extra earnings which will require additional tax payments. Many times, people fail to correctly owe taxes on additional employment income; this can result in IRS examiners discovering oversights in your tax returns and result in penalties.

3.) Charitable Contributions
Any type of donation from clothing to cars can result in valuable tax deductions. When giving to a qualified organization, there are many donation deductions.

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