Importance of Accounting

A good accountant is more than a luxury, it’s a necessity. Estimates are that nearly 1/4th of all businesses fail within the first year; a CPA can help increase the odds of your company’s success.

An experienced accountant at A.F. Gebauer and Company in Longmont, Colorado can maintain your company records, in turn, making it easier for developing documentation, managing financial transactions and filing taxes.

A good accountant can also make it easier to obtain new loans, pitch investors and gain financial momentum. Good accounting practices can help a small or large business grow.

Here are a few of the benefits of hiring a CPA to oversee your business needs:

  • Creation and management of budgets
  • Forecasting future revenue and earning potential
  • Determining adjustments of staff, salaries and operational costs
  • Tracking the financial health and well-being of your company
  • Insights on company growth and stagnation
  • Accurate record keeping for future investors, banks and other parties

The consequences of poor record keeping are numerous and include: penalties for late tax filings, business and personal asset mingling issues, overlooked expenses and difficulty paying employees.

At A.F. Gebauer and Co. in Longmont, we strive to increase the odds that your business will not only succeed but also thrive.

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